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We sell unique dino-mite designs to support local charities and help our awesome community.



The Dinostore has arrived! Sailing Stone Real Estate’s Dino merch is fierce, fabulous, with enough sass to make our velociraptor Randy jealous! All proceeds from the dinostore go towards an awesome local charity. So put our cool shirts on your body and help your community at the same time!


Dino Merch

Baseball Tee

Classic Raptor-Life Tee

ColoRandy Tee

Available in periwinkle, deep purple, midnight blue, and rainbow.

Glitter Raptor-Life Tee

Our 1-year anniversary tee, available in white, periwinkle, deep purple, and midnight blue.

Raptor Ratings Tee


Generously Donated

Gold Star Gamers seeks to help kids that have suffered the loss of a military parent find hope and healing through competitive gaming. Our own Sara Anderson found her calling in working closely with Gold Star Gamers, connecting with families and, through gaming, laugh, remember, and find comfort in each other’s company. Find out more about Gold Star Gamers here.
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No matter where in the USA your real estate dreams might take you, Sailing Stone Real Estate has your back. We’ve got a rock-solid process in place to find you an amazing agent, wherever the wind might push you. Need help finding an AGENT outside of Colorado? Reach out to us Today!