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Sailing Stone has the expertise to guide you through your real estate journey and the passion to do whatever it takes to help you buy or sell a property in Colorado Springs.


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Sailing Stone Real Estate is here for you. Our agents aren’t just experts, they’re the most badass home-wrangling ninjas buying and selling homes in Colorado Springs. So ditch the dusty listings and say hello to the team behind Sailing Stone Real Estate.


About The Company

Sailing Stone Real Estate is proud to be a local woman-owned business serving the Colorado Springs area since August 1, 2022.

Crysta Kehren founded Sailing Stone to continue her mission to consistently provide the highest quality, most innovative, exceptional Real Estate service available anywhere.

At Sailing Stone Real Estate we have an unwavering dedication to investing in the people and community of Colorado Springs as we build mutually beneficial long-term relationships rooted in authenticity, transparency, and the sharing of ideas.

Honor your values, your commitments, and one another.

Strive to find a better way and to put it into action.

Nobody achieves anything alone.

Do things with passion; celebrate wins; learn from frustrations and failures; be accountable for your behavior and to those which it impacts.

Leave things, more importantly people, better than you found them.

Fuck. Normal.



What are Sailing Stones? 

Sailing stones showcase nature’s ability to adapt and endure. In the real estate industry, adaptability and resilience are key. We are experts in navigating through changing market trends, economic fluctuations, and various client preferences while remaining steadfast in our goal to get you through it all as painlessly as possible.

geological oddity

Imagine rocks of all shapes and sizes, some weighing several hundred pounds, mysteriously moving across the desert with no known cause. For years the geological oddity known as sailing stones had visitors and scientists alike scratching their heads. What unseen force was propelling these rocky voyagers across the vast emptiness of a long dry lakebed? What caused these stones to move so far, sometimes leaving trails behind them as long as 1,500 feet?

natural phenomenon

Researchers began investigating the mystery in the 1940s but an answer was not found until 2014. It boiled down to a surprising mix of ice, wind, and shallow water, all combining to create a natural phenomenon that only looked like magic. Under the right conditions, rain would form a small pond on the usually parched ground that softened the parched earth beneath the stones and froze overnight in a thin layer of ice around the stones.

Leaving Trails

If the water was deep enough to form floating ice but shallow enough to leave the stones exposed on top, the floating sheet of ice would thaw enough to break apart into large floating sheets of ice that could be pushed across the water by the wind. These ice sheets would then push the stones across the now soft ground, sometimes leaving trails behind them to show their movement. The sailing stones, some weighing as much as 700lbs can still be seen today, though most will never witness them move. 

Similar to Sailing Stones, success in real estate often hinges on the alignment of various factors – market demand, pricing, property condition, and client needs. When everything comes together harmoniously, transactions can proceed smoothly. 


Crysta Kehren

Hi, I’m Crysta, owner of Sailing Stone Real Estate. As a real estate professional and Colorado Springs native, my client focus has always been on providing unparalleled service rooted in authenticity and placing a high value on partnership, teamwork, and straightforward communication.


Sailing Stone Real Estate


Our Team

The team behind Sailing Stone Real Estate

Sheba Harris

Associate Broker

Hello! I’m Sheba Harris and I look forward to helping you achieve your real estate goals. Sheba has been serving communities as an insurance agent for decades.


Her extensive knowledge of the local area and real estate community makes her an invaluable asset to your home buying or selling journey. She comes with an abundance of insurance knowledge and loves serving others. Her passion for Real Estate and love helping buyers and sellers make her a valuable member of your team.


When Sheba is not working, Sheba loves spending time with her 3 wonderful daughters and her sweet elderly mother. She loves serving her community and any opportunity to help people in need. You can count on Sheba to help step by step throughout your real estate journey. Contact Sheba now to get started.

Sara Anderson

Associate Broker

Hi, I’m Sara Anderson! In my world, every day is a unique adventure. As a mom to five incredible kids, my life is a whirlwind of homeschool lessons, laughter, and the occasional chaos. Being a Navy wife adds another layer of excitement. In the midst of this beautiful chaos, I’ve found my calling as the Vice President of Gold Star Gamers. Through gaming, we laugh, we remember, and we find comfort in each other’s company. Then there’s my passion for real estate. I get a real kick out of staging homes. 


There’s something magical about transforming a space to tell its story, making it resonate with someone else’s dream. It’s not just about selling houses; it’s about creating homes filled with future memories. 


Each role I play adds a splash of color to my canvas, making it a vibrant masterpiece of experiences and emotions. Contact Sara to get started on your home buying or selling journey.


Join Our Team

Dreaming of a career as dynamic and exciting as the Colorado market itself? Reach out to us today to see if we can help you on your journey to becoming a real estate rock star.

We are a crew of passionate agents dedicated to guiding our clients towards their real estate dreams. Whether you’re a seasoned pro full of market knowledge or a fresh-faced newbie eager to learn the ropes, we would love to chat with you and see if you’re a good fit for the Sailing Stone team.

Are you a good fit for the Sailing Stone team? We are looking for team members who want to:

Group 15

Be a superhero

Help people find their dream homes or sell their current one for a sweet payday.


Chart your own course

We offer flexibility and support that will empower you to build a career that fits your lifestyle.

Group 16

Learn Continuously

We provide training and mentorship to help you hone your skills and become the best REALTOR® you can be.


Collaborate, not compete

We’re a team, plain and simple. We believe in supporting each other and celebrating every win. 

Your Personal Real Estate squad

Sailing Stone Real Estate

Sailing Stone Real Estate is your home resource whether you’re a fresh-faced newbie to the home-buying scene, a seasoned pro with plenty of houses under your belt, or simply looking to offload that fixer-upper. We know buying or selling a home is a huge deal, which is why we’re here to help you through it no matter what comes our way.